Appetizer Wine

Pairing the right wine with a cheese and olive plate that will provide the most complimentary match is very important. Here are some new thoughts on what wines and cheeses work best together. Pairing wine and cheese and olive plate is a traditional method used both for parties and in wine tasting. The cheese is a palette cleanser, and helps the wine drinker to distinguish flavors from their glass of wine. The correct pairing of wine and cheese and olive plate can also provide a rich combination that will enhance the enjoyment of any event. When you pair wine and cheese together there are a few simple techniques to follow that will make sure your guests get the most out of both the wine and the cheese. For example, soft cheeses or those with stronger flavors are ideal when mixed with white wines. The acidity of white wine can cut through the flavor of the cheese and olive plate allowing a beautiful combination of flavors on the palette. This type of cheese will also help to cleanse if you change your wine choice. With a red wine you want to join it with cheese that is harder and choose flavors that aren’t quite as bold. This is because red wine often carries a bold flavor of its own and would impact on the taste of the cheese and olive plate or vice versa. You should generally try to complement each by using the opposite flavors when matching. If you have a very sweet wine such as a dessert wine or similar, then you’ll want to make sure your cheeses are savory and to some extent a bitter flavor in your cheese can balance the sweetness of the wine. The most full bodied flavor cheeses work with the sweetest wines. If you’re having a selection of cheeses then it’s generally best to look at using a white wine spread also. They tend to go better with a much wider range of cheese and are less likely to have their taste affected. By using a soft cheese with a red wine you could end up leaving a coating or layer in the mouth that will camouflage any flavor the wine brings, and leave it dull to the taste. Very simple soft cheeses without a lot of flavor are better with sparkling wines. These wines will cut through the fat of the cheese and between the carbonation and acidity you’ll be able to taste both relatively well. Cheeses such as Camembert are ideal for this situation. If you’re throwing a party then presentation of your wine and cheese is very important. Look at serving cheese in wedges, rounds or large triangle cuts from a wheel, because this looks impressive and offers the feel of a community gathering. You can use cheese knives and then have some very basic crackers to go with them if you like. Offering wine in decanters for reds especially makes the setting look very stylish and sophisticated. Wine, cheese and olive plate go together for tastings and enjoyment. If paired correctly they can be the perfect complement to each other. Your cheese match is important so make sure you pay attention to some basic rules.



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